'Wacha Kukamua Na Nyasi Ya Wenyewe' Vocal MP Kimani Ngunjiri Tells Bahati MCA Mr Segesa


Hon Onesmus Kimani Ngunjiri was born at Banita sisal estate in 1953 as the 5th born in a family of ten. He is a Kenyan member of parliament representing Bahati constituency in Nakuru county in the former Rift Valley province. He is a member of Jubilee party and a great supporter of the DP william Ruto.

Despite so many electorates who has blasted him for not performing, he has come out clear and has defended his development track record. He has also cautioned Bahatians against Bahati ward MCA who has been using the the CDF projects to earn Bonga points. He said the following:

1. There are no road projects in the area that are jointly worked on collaboration with county government.

2. The member of county assembly has been acquiring money from the citizens illegally by promising them of power connection. Kimani has advised them to seek proper channel and pay money to KPLC.

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