Times singer Kambua has stylishly stepped out in outfits that you may rock in church this Sunday.

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What is your definition of church outfits? Personally I view them as clothes reflective of one's respect for God. As per my opinion, the most important factor to consider is not to dress In a way that would distract others from their worship. You should not dress to purposely draw attention to yourself. God should be the focus and not the worshippers. I mean your presence is the most important thing as compared to your clothing. But if you wear certain outfits for work, or for a date, don't you think you should also consciously choose your clothing that is appropriate for a place of worship?

Check for instance some of the outfits worn by gospel singer kambua. This outfits may be worn to church(opinion). Apart from being beautiful,they are decent. Check them out and tell me what you think. Please share your views concerning this article 🙏❤️. Kindly follow me for more exciting articles.

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