Good News to Primary and Secondary School Students as KUPPET Makes this Announcement on Opening Date


Following today's official announcement made by one of the top bodies governing Education sectors in the country, KUPPET, all students right from Primary to Secondary are now more aware of final school opening dates.

This is after some fear of uncertainties started to rise up on the specific opening dates of learning institutions following some of the directives made by Uhuru Kenyatta just after closing and before opening.

According to KUPPET Secretary general Akelo Misori, the official opening date for all learning institutions from Primary to Secondary is 10th of May this month.

That is probably next week Monday even as Covid-19 pandemic still remains as a top threat to the lives of many Kenyans including school students who take their learning activities in crowded places.

Even though, government through the ministry of health's Covid-19 containment measures are going to be observed in schools to help in controlling the spread among students.

Besides that, the government has been urged by KUPPET Secretary General to adjust their efforts and up their game by ensuring that all learning institutions from various parts of the country are kept safe from Covid-19 effects.