5 Nigerian Celebs Who Have Been Charged to Court for Murder


Celebrities are normal human beings like us but there should always be a line where the extreme is drawn. They have been countless scenarios where celebrities are arrested and charged for serious offences but can be as serious as taking another humans life. 

Today’s article will turn the attention to Nigerian celebrities who have been charged to court for murder. 

1) Burna Boy: the news of burna boy arrest broke out after London officers said he was among a group of men that stabbed someone to death. He spent 11 months in jail before he was released and made to partake in community for not causing any more trouble and being of good conduct.

2) Ibinabo Fiberesima: popular Nollywood actress, Ibinabo Fiberesima accidental hit a car after she lost control alongside lekki-epe expressway. The crash resulted in the death of a man and she was arrested and charged to court for man slaughter. She was convicted and sent to serve 5 years in prison but she was later granted a whooping 2 million bail after her lawyer filed for her release. 

3) Tayo Odueke: Tayo Odueke is a popular Yoruba actress with features in numerous successful Yoruba movies. Tayo was a good soul but it just unfortunate that she mistakenly killed a baby while she was trying to reverse her car and she was arrested and charged to court.

4) Rabil Ismail: I doubt if a lot of us would know Rabil, she was a budding Nollywood actress climbing her way up the ladder of stardom. Rabil was charged to court by the Supreme Court of Nigeria over the suspicious death of her lover at the time, Ibrahim. Investigations were carried out properly and news came out that she poisoned. Rabil was sentenced to death by hanging after she was found guilty of man slaughter. 

5) Rich Oganiru: you might not know Rich Oganiru but he was of the finest actors in Hollywood back in the days. Like the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover, it also applies here too. Rich was charged to court in 2012 for apparently killing his wife by food poisoning. The court said he did it all just to acquire his late wife’s property. After thorough investigations, rich was released and the charges dropped against him as investigators found out that his wife death wasn’t caused by food poisoning. If I was rich, I would sue the court, the judge and the officers because how will you jail someone for a crime he didn’t commit

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