Police Arrest Young Lady Found With A Gun During Stop And Search Operation In Port Harcourt.

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Following the security challenge in Rivers State and the issue of criminality, the police force in the state have been working tireless to maintain a peaceful and safe Festive Season.

A police team carrying out stop and search at the mile Park area of Port Harcourt, on Tuesday arrested a young lady found with a gun.

The team patrol team stop vehicles passing the mile one park road to carry out search on both passengers on the vehicle for security purposes. They usually search only guys, leaving the ladies with the intention that ladies are innocent.

But yesterday, when the team stopped a vehicle to carry out the usual search, a young beautiful lady in the vehicle started feeling uneasy. The officer in charge suspected her and asked her to come down. When he searched her, he was surprised to find a pistol in her bag, without wasting time he held her and signaled his colleagues who came and she was arrested and taken to their parked van with handcuffs on her hands.

Police officers should stop seeing ladies as innocent people who can't perpetrate crime in the society but should also treat them the same way they treat the guys. Who knows where she was going to with the gun?

Maybe on a mission or she was taking it to a guy. She was confident to carry it since ladies are not been searched, otherwise I don't think she would be bold to carry such thing around.

What do you think about police officers not searching ladies with the mindset that they are innocent?

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