Yoruba Weddings Vs Igbo Weddings, Which One Is More Attractive(Pictures)


The topic today tho, is that Between Yoruba Weddings and Igbo wedding which one is more attractive? I am going to share their pictures so my viewers can tell me which one of them is more attractive.

1.Yoruba Weddings

The Yoruba Traditional Wedding Ceremony, also known as the Yoruba Engagement ceremony, or Igbeyawo in Yoruba, usually takes place days, weeks or even months before the white wedding ceremony. ... The entire ceremony is orchestrated by two representatives who are chosen or hired by each side of the family.

The bride's family traditionally pays for all the flower arrangements for the ceremony, as well as corsages for the flower girls and bouquets for the bridesmaids. The groom and his family pay for the bride's bouquet, the groomsmen's boutonni√®res and corsages for both mothers and grandmothers.

Here are the beautiful pictures of Yoruba Weddings

2.igbo weddings

The Igbo Traditional Wedding Ceremony (Igba Nkwu)

The groom along with his people and the items he was ask to bring visits the bride's family house which is the venue of the wedding ceremony. ... The bride is giving a calabash containing palm wine and asked to give it to her intended husband.

After settling the father, mother, Umunna (men) and Umuada (women), the next and crucial stage is the payment of dowry which is regarded as bride price. This is not done outside, but inside the room. The man and two members of his family will go inside to meet his father in-law and discuss the bride price (dowry).

Here are the beautiful pictures of Igbo Weddings

Can you see how they look? They are really beautiful. But Who is more attractive? Drop your comment to let use know

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