Ghana Publishers Association Sends Message To Ghana Education Service

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The Ghana Publishers Association has sent a message across to Ghana Education Service regarding contracts given to Publishers. They stated that the service should speed up its processes in employing Publishers into the system in order to manage unemployed Publishers in Ghana. Since GES has not yet made known the kind of books these students will be needing in school, they have been redundant and things have become difficult for them.

This, they explained was as a result of their non engagement by GES and so are pleading with them to do something about their situation before the year comes to an end. They said GES should engage them so they can work to earn some money because since 2005, they have been awaiting some contracts which never sufficed, making them redundant in the sector.

One of the teachers from Kotobabi JHS, Esther Addo made known the effects of the non engagement of Ghana Publishers on their teaching in basic schools. She said, they lack textbooks to enable them teach their students in school and aside that, they sometimes print exam papers with their own monies to help them assess the students which is very bad and shouldn't be so.

As a result of this, they couldn't assess the students the previous semester. She also said even though the government was doing its possible best, it wasn't enough and she knows the government couldn't do it all and that parents and guardians could support if they can to enable them print out exam papers for their children.

Kwasi Kwarteng, the spokesperson for Ministry of Education said there was no truth in the claims made and explained that it was due to Covid-19 that was why no exam was conducted across public basic schools in Ghana. He also commented on the printing of exam papers by stating that all heads of schools are to make sure questions set by teachers in schools are to be taken to GES of which they will then go ahead to print those questions for them.

He also said it is true publication of textbooks have delayed but then the government has made available teaching and learning materials to enhance teaching in basic schools.

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