Running Mate Choice That Will Ruin DP Ruto's 2022 Presidency Revealed

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With less than a year until the next general election, the fight for the Statehouse appears to have shrunk to just two significant contenders.

Deputy President William Ruto and his counterpart Raila Odinga have been crisscrossing the country in an attempt to entice voters to their sides, but their choice of running partners for 2022 will undoubtedly decide their political power in that year.

Caleb Hamisi, the MP for Saboti, is among many who have spoken out about Ruto's choice of running mate. During an interview with K24 Tv, Hamisi declared that Ruto's fate will be determined by his choice of running mate.

"When the DP names a running mate, the reality of our politics will hit him. He can't possibly be the same person who came to change what he's built "he explained.

According to Hamisis, if Ruto chooses a deputy from the Mt Kenya region, he risks losing the rest of the country in 2022. He went on to say that the rest of the areas will take this as an excuse not to vote for him.

"If he chooses a deputy from central Kenya, he will have nothing to say to people from Western Kenya, Eastern Kenya, and the Coast, and it will dawn on him that our politics are still local," he said.

He believes that until they find their next kingpin, the Central people will continue to listen to President Uhuru Kenyatta, and that this will have a significant impact on how they vote in 2022.

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