"Fake Gold Dealers and Wash-Wash Cartels are Known And Armed And They Drive Big Cars," Claims Mutai


Fake gold dealers, money launderers and wash wash cartels in Nairobi's Kilimani are known. They are armed. They kill and murder those they suspect. They drive big cars. They operate openly with impunity.Picture for illustrative purpose.

This is according to vocal and popular Kieleweke Blogger Abraham Mutai as he posted on his twitter hurdle. This comes hours after Directorate of Criminal Investigations DCI, arrested two Kenyans in possession of fake money.Picture for illustrative purpose.

His bold tweet has attracted lots of reactions where different Kenyans gave different views and opinions as captured below.Picture for illustrative purpose.

*They are part of the dirty deep state cartels. It's Alleged that, they have assistance from state law enforcement agencies and can locate you through same apparatus. They have deep network with the drug lords. Kenya is hot point of global illicit financial flows.

*You say they are armed and dangerous then you go ahead and put up some names?

*It okay, but naming names looks risky considering they are armed as you have said.

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