Three Habits You Must Avoid If You Don't Want To be Poor


I believe there's no one in their sound mind who wants to lead a poor life. We all hate poverty and would do anything just to gain riches, including pouncing on every single opportunity that comes our way. Some of us would even do the unthinkable just to escape poverty.

Gaining riches and wealth require a lot of sacrifices and determination. We all know that all that last never comes easy. The worst thing you can do is to cut your way through a short cut to riches.

So if you wanna avoid poverty, you should change the following habits.


Sleep is essential for a healthy life. You have to give your body a rest inorder for it to function normally and to think clearly. But if you wanna become rich change your habit on sleeping. The rich will never over sleep. Excessive sleep has always been related to poverty. So you should not sleep for more than 8 hours. A six hour sleep is enough. You should always be up before the sun inorder to compete with it.

Friends and Peer Influence

It has always been said that your friends determine who you are. You should always be careful while chosing your friends. Not everyone will be happy with your progress. That person whom you think is your friend might actually be your enemy. Have fewer loyal friends who are always determined with correcting you and are always interested in competition. They will help lift you out of your competition.

Being too full of yourself.

In as much as you may think you know everything, always try to accommodate others' thoughts too. Try to be open minded.

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