Details Have Emerged On Why Jubilee NDC Meeting Was Postponed

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Details have emerged on why the Jubilee party National Delegate Conference (NDC) meeting was postponed after a few days at the meeting.

Earlier on, the party had announced that they would be holding a party's NDC meeting on 30th November 2021 to discuss Jubilee affairs.

It was also reported that during the meeting, the delegates would table the issue of some leaders who were elected through the party and are now drawing their support to other parties despite them being in Jubilee.

Some of the leaders who were targeted in the meeting discussion for expulsion included DP William Ruto and his UDA linked allies who have publicly defected to other parties despite still being members of Jubilee party.

However, reports have emerged on why the Jubilee NDC meeting has been postponed. As revealed by Joshua Kutunny, the meeting, which was scheduled for 30th November 2021 has been postponed since the President will be expected on the same date to give a constitutionally binding annual State of the Nation address.

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