Coach Samuel Boadu gives Nyaho Tamakloe a diplomatic answer

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In this life, there are times that you attract opposition even if you are winning. Appreciation does not come easy from our part of the world. Some people wish you fail in order to be vindicated or for agendas.

Don't ever think that your success will make people love you.

The issue between Coach Samuel Boadu and Nyaho Tamakloe did not just started, it has been a while since we have seen some friction between the two but Boadu has remained silent and has decided to concentrate on his job as a coach and not a politician who wants to create a constituency in the team.

When Samuel Boadu was asked about the comments that Nyaho Tamakloe made concerning his future, he had these simple words for the Board Chairman.

"Nyaho is my father and an advisor. If there are comments from him, I will take them in good faith. I am always ready to learn."

I have always admired coaches with Pro license and it is a motivation to learn further and if Hearts of Oak is ready to help, I will gladly take it."

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