Raila Odinga Requires 97% Percent Of Mt Kenya Votes To Win Presidency- Ahmednasir Abdullahi Predicts

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According to Ahmednasir, the closest ally of Deputy President Dr. William Ruto, Raila needs to win a specific amount of votes in the western and coastal regions in order to have a chance of beating him.

He said in a tweet that in the designated Mount Kenya region, Raila should win at least 97 percent of the vote. The eminent lawyer noted that despite the western region historically being Mr. Odinga's strength, Mr. Odinga was currently having difficulty winning over voters there.

Thus, obtaining 97 percent in the area of Mount Kenya with a high voter turnout is merely a pipe dream. This suggests that the lawyer is certain Mr. Odinga would lose the national election this year in August.

He asserted that he would require 97 percent of the vote to overcome Raila's main rival, William Ruto. In this case, Ahmednasir contends that Raila's chances of winning are reduced if he does not obtain votes.

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