Amidst Calls For Pantami's Resignation Over Comments On Terrorists, Read What Garba Said About Him


Former presidential candidate Adamu Garba is obviously not one of those who believe Isa Pantami's appointment was an error. He believes Isa Pantami is President Buhari's best pick so far.

Adamu Garba:

Adamu was reacting to a man's comment who told him to leave Ghana alone and talk about Isa Pantami after he commented on a post about the 3,000 of fibre optic cabling that Lagos State Government is building.

Adamu Garba, in his response to the man's comment, said that Isa Pantami is a rare gem, with very high bravery and courage who do more and deliver more.

The same young man, Ebuka Gabriel (@Gabexgology) asked him if he is trying to say that he is okay with an extremist handling a sensitive position in government. And in response to that, Adamu Garba said that he is okay with change, growth, new thinking, new reality, and rebirth.

He said that the best of you is one who understands his past errors and change for the better. And that there is no greater Boko Haram fighter in Nigeria today than Isa Pantami.

Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami has been under fire for some days now after comments he made in support of terrorist groups - Al Qaeda and Taliban - surfaced on the media.

In one of his preachings in the 2000s, Isa Pantami had said that Jihad is an obligation for every believer, especially in Nigeria. And prayed to God to give victory to Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Isa Pantami:

The comments raised a media storm, and Nigerians began calling for his resignation, and said that someone who had such a soft spot for terrorists is not fit to occupy such a sensitive position in government.

Isa Pantami later apologized for the comments, and said he made the comments when he was immature, and that his views on this issues have changed.

But despite his plea, members of the public insisted that the best thing for him to do is to resign.

In the report which was made by Sahara Reporters, a security expert known as Williams Ekposon, who happens to be the National President of Criminology and Security Practitioners Association of Nigeria, said that professionally, someone like Isa Pantami is not supposed to be in charge of the data of Nigerians.

He said that in the light of his position, the data of Nigerians are not secure in the hands of someone who spoke in support of terrorists. He asked Pantami to apologize to Nigerians and resign, and let it be regarded that his appointment was an error.

A retired US Army Captain, Bishop Johnson, also urged Pantami to resign or be sacked by the President. He said that when there is such an outcry from the public, such a person needs to resign in order not to drag the administration.

On social media, several Nigerians have been calling for his resignation over the comments.

But amidst the calls for his resignation, Adamu Garba believes Isa Pantami is a rare gem, and that he is President Buhari's best of all pick so far. He believes Isa Pantami has changed, and that he is the greatest Boko Haram fighter in Nigeria today.

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