"Husband material" reactions as Cristiano Ronaldo changes hair style


Husband material" reactions as Cristiano Ronaldo changes hair style.

Football fans react as Cristiano Ronaldo show off new hair style.

Cristiano Ronaldo posted a new picture of himself and fellow Juventus team mate Juan Cuadrado on his social media page.

The Portuguese striker tagged the picture as the picture of him and his twin 'pipita'

Football fans are loving the hair style as they have drop their comment about it.

A fan said; I believe he has always had curly hair, at least that what he lookes from gis young days.

Another was against it as he said, "you should go back to 2011-2012 hair. This hair makes you look old.

One of his supporter posted "husband material".

A supporter wants a little bit of blonde on the juventus star hair. "a little bit of blonde in your hair and it will be like when you started playing for Manchester United.

What can you say about this hair style, is it good or bad?

You can drop your opinion on this in the comment section.

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