On 20th February, 1993 Azumah Nelson Made History. He Retained WBC Title.

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On this day 20 February 1993 (Exactly 28 years back today) Ghana's Azumah Nelson held his World Boxing Council (WBC) Super featherweight title on a greater part choice after twelve rounds over Mexican-conceived Gabriel Ruelas at the Estadio Azteca, Mexico City, Distrito Federal . 

Battling against a rough brawler, 13 years more youthful, Azumah, 35, additionally combat against the thunder and interests of the immense hardliner hordes of 120,000, a large number of them waving Mexican banners. 

The greater part of the fans had come to watch Julio César Chávez guard his reality title against Greg Haugen at night's headliner. 

Many millions overall likewise watched the activity live on TV. 

As the ring commentator presented the victor, the group, depicted as the greatest live participation at any enclosing occasion history, reacted with boos and whistling while they cheered at the presentation of their man. 

Azumah additionally implied later that battle coordinators had delegated all appointed authorities from Mexico yet needed to change two of them on dissent from the Ghanaian side. 

The Mexican adjudicator scored the battle 115-115, while the other two made it 115-114 and 115-113 for Azumah. 

It was the most serious experience on an evening of simple successes for the wide range of various three bosses on the four title mega – bill, coordinated by Don King Promotions as tribute to Mexican battling legend Julio Cesar Chavez. 

Ruelas, 22, battled with plentiful boldness and opened the battle with an amazing exhibit of punches. However, Azumah successfully counter – punched, landing left snares to the head and body while driving with quick right hand pokes. 

With the arbitrator much of the time murmering something in Spanish to the Mexican, Ruelas regularly pushed Azumah to the ropes and secured at whatever point in a difficult situation. 

Azumah later grumbled about the ref's complicity in not notice Ruelas for pushing and holding. He additionally said in the post – battle meet, that the Mexican butted him various occasions bringing about a cut at the rear of his head. 

Azumah seemed to have won the first round yet the excess rounds were firmly battled until the last three rounds saw the hero coming up again to ride home triumphant. 

Ruelas was diappointed to such an extent that he casually followed out of the ring and the immense group whistled and booed when the decision was reported. 

Azumah raised his record to 37-2 while Ruelas tumbled to 33-2. 

Session Summary 

Date: 1993-02-20 Location: Estadio Azteca, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico 

Judge: Tom Kaczmarek 115-114 

Judge: Dae-Eun Chung 115-113 

Judge: Jose Medina Solares 115-115 

Ref: Jose Guadalupe Garcia 

In the fourth and fundamental battle of the evening, Julio Cesar Chavez excited his kinsmen by overwhelming American challenger Greg Haugen from the initial ringer until ref Joe Cortez halted the session at 2:02 of the fifth round. 

A decided Chavez thumped down Haugen in the first round with an overhanded right to the head, kept up a consistent flood of punches and afterward completed him with a whirlwind of punches to the head and body. 

Cortez, from the United States, stepped in when Hagan could at this point don't safeguard himself. The two warriors had traded unpleasant words in the days paving the way to the battle and in the ring they traded threatening looks between adjusts

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