Microwave was damaged but the repair got people talking on twitter.

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"Took my Microwave for repairs coz the keyboard wasn't working. Alright fine. MAfrika calls athi chief, mna aweh. I need to put another system coz I can't find this keyboard. Mna okay yeah u can as long as it will work." This was after a man posted a microwave after it come back from repairs from the mechanic , but it was never the same. The smart microwave was never working anymore, the smart functions were replaced by manual functions.


when I get there Mechanic guy actually cut it open on the side and installed another control function. This thing looks like it's stolen now

You took your microwave to a mechanic instead of an electronic technician. Backroom mechanics. Since we are good with mechanics replacing automatic gearbox with manual, what's the problem.The microwave needs to be on the next episode of botched.

Dual-clutch, multiple-shift, automatic gearbox vrrrr pha - qiiiing high speed and 70 Microwave

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