"I'll Disappoint You" Maria Reacts After She Received a Love Proposal


Maria starring actress Yasmeen Said has today sent a stern warning after she was sent a love proposal from a guy.

Yasmeen Said who has been influential in the past two years after she played a top role in Maria Telenovela series that was aired on Citizen TV has gained massive fame.

Despite her fame the actress has decided that she will share few details about her private life because at few instances she she shared a information about her relationship status.

However, just on that note about her relationship status, Yasmeen Said had today dealt a guy who sent her a love proposal.

This is after the actress asked her fans to reveal what they could like to do if they got a new ability.

Reacting a fan who has been a secret admirer stated that he could like to love the actress genuinely with no doubt.

Replying to the fan egocentric Maria fired back revealing that at any case she will frustrate him if she fall in love with him.

Meanwhile what's your thought on the matter? Do you think Maria should accept the love proposal? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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