Wananiunga Mkono Usiku, DP Ruto Speaks on Leaders Secretaly Supporting Him

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Deputy President William Ruto has claimed that some leaders from Isiolo county are supporting him secretly and have not come out publicly.

Speaking on Tuesday when he took Kenya Kwanza campaigns to Isiolo, Ruto, without naming such leaders, said they have been supporting him at night but have feared to come out and declare their support in broad daylight because they fear repercussions.

According to the DP, such leaders fear intimidation and arrests, adding that they could get some cases put on their shoulders in case they decide to support Ruto publicly.

"Hawa viongozi wenu wote wanaunga mimi mkono usiku kwa sababu wanaogopa kuniunga mkono mchana. Ati wanasema wakiniunga mkono mchana kuna kitu wameshika wanaeza pelekwa kortini, lakini si nyinyi mtaniunga mkono mchana?" posed Ruto.

Ruto went ahead to lash out at Azimio la Umoja camp, saying they have no authority to lecture them about corruption, yet some of their lieutenants have been involved in the famous covid-19 money corruption.

"Don't preach to us water while you take wine. Tell us where ten billion shillings meant for sick people in the covid-19 period went? The World bank is telling us that Ksh65 billion has got lost in the handshake government. Before Raila and his lieutenants come here preaching to us about corruption, they should tell us where that money went to," stated Ruto.

Ruto promised that they will bring all covid-19 billionaires to book once his Kenya Kwanza administration takes power in August.

"As Kenya Kwanza, we are going to deal with chronic corruption now called state capture that has privatized public institutions, to serve selfish interests of few individuals. Pesa yua wakenya lazima mtarudisha," added Ruto

Ruto's team also weighed in on the collapsed BBI bill, saying it aimed at denying funds to arid and semi-arid counties like Isiolo through one man one shilling vote.

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