2 Sets Of People Medically Not Advised To Consume 'Akara' Balls On A Regular

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Akara is a native Nigerian dish prepared by removing the exocarps of beans, grinding and adding ingredients to taste and thereafter, moulding them in form of bolus and adding to a pot of oil to get fried and ready for consumption. In as much as this dish is quite appealing both to the mouth and body, there are 2 medical condition that wouldn't accommodate consumption of such foods excessively and here they are explained. 

1. Patients suffering from stomach ulcer

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Stomach ulcer results from the action of a bacteria known as Helicobacter pylori. It presents as sores in the stomach generating pains and discomfort. Foods that are fried in oil at high temperatures are known to escalate the symptoms of ulcer and upset the natural layer of protection of the digestive tract. The process of preparation of Akara involves deep frying as learnt to be possibly aggravating for ulcer conditions. 

2. People with high levels of blood cholesterol

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The blood cholesterol levels is said to be high when the volume of bad fats transcends that of the good. This is usually the foundation of most heart diseases. People whose cholesterol levels are high are not advised to make consumption of Akara as well as other fried foods a regular routine because such foods are usually fried with fats that are not healthy for the body. These fats would raise the bad LDL cholesterol in the body lowering the levels of the good HDL. 

However, if you are diagnosed with this condition, it is much more advisable you contact your doctor for a more detailed food menu. It shall serve as a guide as to foods to embrace and those with the possibility of aggravating it that you should avoid. 

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