Raila Message From Voi Evokes Painful Emotions (Photos)


ODM leader Raila Odinga has revived sad memories during his tribulation days when He was at Prison. The enigma evoked sad Emotions with his narrations

He reveled that Today in Mbololo, had great fortune of meeting Mzee John Mwavuda, his prison guard during detention period in Manyani maximum prison. John was a special man, kind enough to smuggle in pieces of toilet and scrap paper that He would then write letters to loved ones on.

He Further added that John also doubled as the official courier for the prison and would deliberately write official letters which would trigger him to be sent to Nairobi. He risked his life selflessly by delivering messages that kept him going during those dark days.

He argues that Mzee John Mwavuda is a person He will be forever indebted to and will support a project that is close to his heart. Unfortunately He has now lost most of his close family and let us all pray for strength and comfort for him. Hongera Shujaa Mzee John Mwavuda

Kenya applauded Mzee for standing with Enigma during tough times. Some went ahead To congratulate him For risking it all and pushing Needs of Kenyans forward.

It is a heartbreaking story that caused Raila to miss the burial of his mother after he was not informed. The story has evoked painful memories that ODM leader went through

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