Waiguru reinstates 72 suspended health Workers and makes a vital promise to them

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Hon.Ann Waiguru gubernatorial aspirant in Kirinyaga county aiming to retain his seat as the governor of the county is now facing stiff competition from Hon.Ngirici who is also the current Women representative of Kirinyaga county.

The two top gubernatorial aspirants in Kirinyaga Hon.Ann Waiguru of Kenya Kwanza alliance and Hon.Ngirici is vying as an independent candidate after he ditched Kenya Kwanza early April.

The battle ground now is not conducive for both the aspirants they both have to work extra hard for one to emerge the best,Hon. Waiguru has decided to reinstate Healthcare workers who were suspended three years ago and she has promised to pay their debt that is salaries for the 3years.

Hon.Ann Waiguru is now targeting to get a boost in terms of votes by reinstating the healthcare workers this might create a positive impact to her in the 9th general elections.

The current women representative of Kirinyaga county Hon.Ngirici has been showing great improvement in the last opinion polls.

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