Famous Ghanaian actors who are now into music.


Nowadays, it can be noticed that, most Ghanaian actors are into various ventures and businesses whilst others are also into the music industry. Let's look at some four Ghanaian actors who are now into music.

1. Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin

Not much should be said about Lilwin's brilliant performance in movies. He is very serious with his music as well. His song "Fa wo ladder" can't be forgotten. He also released a new dance hall song with a new hairstyle which features Article Wan.

2. Kwaku Manu.

Kwaku Manu is also seriously into music, despite his serious and fantastic display in movies. Kwaku Manu is most noted in the music industry by his hit song "Choices".

3. Joseph Mensah.

Joseph Mensah also has the perfect performance in movies. The popular song of Joseph Mensah "Anadwo Bogya" is always remembered in the music industry till date.

4. Alex Adu Kofi.

Alex Adu Kofi is mostly known as 'Agya Koo' in most of the movies he featured in his career. He is also a wonderful actor. Agya Koo is currently busy with his music career and noted for his popular song "Nkrabia"

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