An Important Information Every Young Person In Ghana Should Embrace In Order To Become Successful.


Majority of people quit the jobs they've been employed to do because it's not paying enough. They mobilize funds to establish a business venture. 

But because they're not making four figures from the business, they quit and look for employment again!

This time, they're comfortable with earning three figures monthly. There are lots of potential wealthy individuals in the society. 

But the quest to become wealthy overnight makes many abandon opportunities which can transform them forever!

They confine themselves under harsh conditions in the name of employment. 

There's no employment in Ghana which can make you a millionaire. 

In fact, salaries or wages in Ghana are just survival rations and nothing more!

The real income comes from the application of your brain in a more productive way. 

More than 90% of youths in Ghana seek employment instead of entrepreneurship. And most of them continue writing applications, paying "Protocol" fees, attending prayers and the cycles continues!

Some people use decades to search for employment. After landing the least paying job out of desperation, they now think of how to adjust to the realities of life; managing meagre monthly earnings!

You have to be resourceful if you're a young person in Ghana. 

Your destiny is not in the hands of the government, your parents; you've got the choice to determine your future!

The most successful people in Ghana should be those who have the opportunity to acquire formal education. They've learnt all the entrepreneurial skills, economics and many fields in school. 

Unfortunately, they end up not applying the knowledge they've acquired from many years of schooling. They've just committed some dysfunctional theories into memory!

There's a great difference between realism and imagination. 

Most of the Ghanaian youths are profoundly 

imaginative! They imagine themselves being wealthy without working towards it.

The shout "I receive it" without knowing how to live a down to earth lifestyle.

Governments will come and go, but the country will remain in its current situations. No politician is ready to build the country for the future. They're busy building their private purses for themselves and generations yet unborn. 

As a youth, your only asset is the education you've received. This education will not make you rich automatically because there are no jobs for thousands of graduates to do. You have to create employment for yourself and others.

There are people who went on pension with little or nothing at all! It is their choice. Who says you cannot combine business and work together? Don't be too comfortable with what you're earning. Inflation will render your monthly income valueless!

A side business is what can help you achieve greatness in life. 

After work, don't go to the gaming centre and waste the rest of the day. Think of how to use the remaining hours judiciously.

Remember these facts 

1. Salaries ALONE can never make you wealthy. 

2. Your destiny lies in your hands; not the government. 

3. If you're waiting for the government to create jobs, you will die a pauper. 

4. Be resourceful; make use of available resources to your advantage.