What Principal Did As Parent Brought Cock Without School Fees For Her 2021 KCPE Child Causing Uproar

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Poverty is killing dreams of many youths here in Kenya, this is portrayed by a number of youths who are dropping out of school day by day due to lack of school fees brought up by poverty. Also more number of bright students especially those who did 2021 KCPE exams hence failing to join form 1 due to lack of fees.

According to the latest online post by Kenyan blogger, Iemiso Sato Emmanuel on Facebook, hope for a male 2021 KCPE student went in vain after school principal of the school he was admitted failed to allow him to join his colleagues due to lack of fees.

That boy was supposed to join form one at Kangaru school and her parent brought only fat cock. Due to lack of fees her parent hoped that principal will understand her situation and allow her son in school. The principal failed to admit that boy as portrayed by post showing that parent basting into tears on a busy high way.

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That post has raised eyebrows among number of Kenyans whereby some section of Kenyans have wondered why that school principal didn't understand that situation hence allowing that student to join that school. Other netize have requested for playbill so that they can raise fees for that student. Here are some of the reactions among Kenyans netizens,

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