Migori Woman Crying For Justice After Being Done This By His Brother-In-Law


A 42-year-old woman from Uriri in Migori County is seeking justice after her brother-in-law allegedly defiled her on three occasions. The woman claimed that every time she reported the incident to police, her brother-in-law was detained and released shortly after.

He did the act in a thicket near her home in the first and second scenes, according to the woman. The woman said her brother-in-law had entrapped me on my way home from the market. Her third rape, she claimed, occurred on May 25 at 8 a.m., while she was watching television inside her home.

The suspect, who was outfitted with a panga, entered her home through the backdoor, she said before forcing himself to her.

She is now calling for help and his brother-in-law to be arrested. This incident has just happened when there is increase in domestic violence across our country which has led sometimes to loss of life.

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