Supra Mahumapelo faces attack has he warned to take his position back

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South Africans attacked the ANC chairperson Supra Mahumapelo that there is no place for him anymore, Former North West premier and ANC chairperson Supra Mahumapelo has sounded a warning to rivals that he is ready to take his position back, for which he accepted a nomination this week 

Everything is just broken in development, no water, dilapidated infrastructure, potholed roads, Yet the same crooks want their positions back. The ANC must be voted out before we become a failed state.

A thug of note we will never accept you back, you donated with millions to Gupta’s to build a Clinic in Dubai, yet your people were dying out of poverty due to shortage of clinics in your province, run your hotels and farms you bought with stolen money from poor people resources. That will be the time people will vote otherwise. ANC is playing games.

Weekend of recycling of the RET’s and Thumamina’s .. Black Jesus vs the Clit comebacks 

 The South African youth Attack Supra Mahumapelo that he cannot just think that, he will be nominated and stand a chance to take his position back because he occupies the position for the first he was confused, he did not do anything for he to think he will come back again for the position. There is no place for him, he should go back to where he is coming from. He has just come again to play with people feelings and destinies, we don't need is service anymore. 


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