STOP CHEATING: L00k what she did to her boyfriend place that got her beaten up

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Was she deserving of it?

The woman in the photo discovered that her boyfriend was having an affair with her. Then, in a fit of rage, she stormed to his house and destroyed everything he had worked so hard for. They dated for three weeks, and she was not present when he was given the keys to the house.

He then went to her house and assaulted her. With a pair of pliers, he extracted her two front teeth.

"Three weeks?" You should have been on a date with your new partner by the time you discovered he was cheating on you. That partnership didn't even make it through the trial period. She was insane! This girl is in a lot of pain over a guy she only dated for three seconds. Taking action out of rage resulted in a disastrous situation.

Despite the fact that I didn't blame him because he is the only one who knows what he goes through to get that item, I didn't blame him. Anger is a monstrous demon. Because of your fury, you can do anything, and the effects aren't good. The ability to control one's anger is crucial. Instead of damaging your life, you go away if things aren't working out.

When you're upset, don't make decisions since you can end up in a lot of problems. Her rage has taught her a valuable lesson. Destroying someone's property is never a smart idea. The guy deserves a lot of credit. Destruction of his property is not the answer... Those who do so are barbarians. If I were the guy, I would have just gone to the cops without a second thought."said a Facebook followers


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