See The Meaning of The Three Wise Men's Gifts To Jesus


After the birth of Jesus, the three wise men who were also known as the Magi had followed the star to Bethlehem where he was with their gifts. These gifts were, Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh which carried prophetic meanings for Jesus.

Let's see what these three gifts mean't.


Gold is always associated with rich or royalty, when Jesus was given the gold it symbolized that He was the King of Kings and the ruler of rulers. The gold was later used by his family to flee to Egypt and back after Herod had ruled out that all male children be killed.


This was one of the gifts that were presented to Jesus. It is a type of incense burned as a sacrifice and used by priests during a mass service. This gift mean't that Jesus was the priest and his life would be associated with the Priesthood.


During the time of Jesus' birth, the many Jews used myrrh as an embalming ointment when preparing the dead bodies for burial. When the the three wise men presented myrrh to Jesus, this mean't that Jesus was born and would suffer and die. It also symbolized Jesus'burial that would take place after his death.