Amber Ray Congratulates Son As He Graduates From Cambridge School

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Amber Ray is one of Kenya's top popular Celebrity. Amber Ray works as a Socialite and she is paid to make Club Appearances at Kenya's local Clubs and events. Amber Ray is her social media name. Amber's real names is Faith Makau. Amber came to the limelight after she was exposed by Amira that she was dating her husband Jimal at that time.

At first Amber Ray denied the claims but after an expose by Edgar Obare that it was true Amber and Jimal were dating they finally admitted. However Amber Ray and Jimal parted ways.

Amber has a son from her previous relationship Calle d Gavin. Amber always says that the reason why she works so hard is to make her son's wishes to come true. Amber has even visited Dubai with her son. Today Amber has congratulated her son after he completed his primary education at Cambridge academy. Amber's son even graduated and her mum is so proud of him see Amber's post below.

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