Funny: SEE What a Guy Told a Girl When She Asked Him to Buy Her Food


Currently, it is as if it is the norm for most Ghanaian ladies to ask their male friends for favours and material things. As said by one guy, it is impossible to be friend a lady without her not asking for something.

A chat has been circulating today of social media, particularly, Facebook. This chat is in lieu to the above character ladies have developed.

In the chat, the guy savagely gave a response to a lady who asked him to buy her food. According to the guy, it was not long ago that he met her in a trotro.

He then decided to chat her the next day after he took her number. To his surprise, after exchanging pleasantries, the first thing she could say is ask him to buy her food.

What he replied her after she asked him that was so funny. People couldn't hide their sentiment but mock the lady on Facebook. See their chats in the pictures below.

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