They Did What They Were Required, Don't Provoke Them And Paint Them Black -Ohemaa Sakyiwaa Tells

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Getting on the case of Arise Ghana and the police force, a lot of people have already backlash against the police force terming their service at the demonstration as unprofessional but a young Ghanaian Tv presenter has shown his great disagreement with such posts.

Angel TV Journalist Ohemaa Sakyiwa has advised the ARISE GHANA DEMONSTRATORS including all Ghanaians not to Provoke the Ghana Police Service in the name of painting them black.

On her Facebook handle she wrote after some trending posts has been made by a lot of Ghanaians concerning the unprofessionalism of the recent police force, she then in her post seemed to be in support of the police.

She wrote " Do not give the dog a bad name to hang it. The Ghana Police Service is all we have. Let's not Provoke them in the name of painting them black" Ohemaa Sakyiwa wrote on Facebook. She added some photos of the Police officers who were attacked to her post.

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