Opinion: Why Nigerians Should Support Tiwa Savage With Prayers After She Shared A Cryptic Message

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Nigerian Singer, Tiwa Savage had earlier revealed during an interview that someone got hold of her intimate video and the person was blackmailing her with the video. Days after she made the revelation, a tape was leaked on social media which many people believed was the one Tiwa Savage had spoken about.

The tape went viral on social media and it caused massive stir. Some people showed support for Tiwa Savage while others criticized her and said ugly things about her. Many people did not consider her feelings and mental health when they were saying hurtful things that could easily lead her into depression.

Tiwa Savage

Photo Credit: Instagram — Tiwa Savage

Being a celebrity does not change the fact that Tiwa Savage is a human being like every one of us. She could make mistakes like we all do. No one is perfect, we all have our shortcomings. The only thing that is germane is that we should learn from our mistakes and not be too harsh on ourselves.

It was obvious that Tiwa Savage does not want to dwell in her mistake when she posted on her instagram that ‘charge that shit to the game and never speak on it again’. She doesn’t want to dwell in the mistake that has already been made. She wants to move on with her life but some people are making it difficult for her.

The Cryptic message Tiwa Savage posted on her instagram story few hours ago

Few hours ago, Tiwa Savage posted a cryptic message on Instagram story. Tiwa Savage said ‘I was sad at the passing of my dad and 44 but at least they are no longer in this cruel place. Some people will be happy when I am no more’.

Tiwa Savage's cryptic message

Photo Credit: Instagram — Tunde Ednut

The post has got a lot of people worried about her. Celebrities like Tunde Ednut, Yetunde Bakare, Korra Obidi amongst others have shown concern for her after she made the post. Tunde Ednut told people to keep encouraging her to avoid story that touches the heart.

Why Nigerians should support Tiwa Savage with prayers after she shared the cryptic message

For Tiwa Savage to post such thing, she might have reached a breaking point. She may be trying to pass a message across to people that all the mean and hurtful comments are actually taking a toll on her. Everything people are saying about her could be tearing her apart slowly.

At this point, she needs people’s support to get through whatever she is going through. People can help her by praying for mental fortitude to deal with the mess and also stop saying hurtful things about her. Sin or no sin, people should consider her mental health first before saying hurtful things about her.

Depression doesn’t discriminate between Celebrities and common men. BBN Star, Omashola cried out earlier today that ‘I’m lonely in a world surrounded by people. Trying to keep my cool but slowly reaching my breaking point’.

Everyone has a breaking point when the problems or difficulties become unbearable. Now is the time Tiwa Savage needs our support to go through whatever she is battling more than ever.

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