Photos: See How An Electric Pole Damaged A Car That Was Parked That Sparked Funny Reactions


Unfortunately, we experience certain kinds of accidents almost every day in our lives, which can be from mild to fatal one, when one least expected it. Some of these accidents are man-made, while others happen also by a natural course. The story I am about to share with you, in this article is an unfortunate situation, which happened to someone's car. According to WARRI Aproko, who shared this post, an electric pole said to have broken and fell upon a Lexus Jeep which was parked, and has caused huge damage to it.

However, the question that is being asked now, is how can this matter be settled? Like it is generally said in pigeon language "Trouble dey sleep trouble dey go wake am". This is just one of such trouble that one didn't bargain for, and they just happened. What happened may have been caused either by a heavy wind, leading to this kind of painful circumstances.

Check out the various funny reactions from people as to how the matter can be settled below 👇

This is indeed a terrible situation for the owner who thought he had his car safely parked, only him or her, to wake up in the morning to this ugly scene. However, this has incurred unnecessary debt for him or her I guess. Anyways, we should first be grateful that no one was inside at the time of the occurrence.

In my opinion, the owner would have to take responsibility for repairing his car, since it's wasn't any human being that caused the damages, right or wrong?

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Photo Credit Facebook WARRI Aproko


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