9 Midnight Prayers: Say these prayer points sincerely to God before you sleep tonight

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1. Oh God I give you all the glory for my life and the life of family, thank you oh Lord Jesus for your protection,blessings and divine favour.

2. Thank you oh God Almighty for the battles you have won in my life and i also glorify your name for the battles you will fight for me tonight.

3. Oh Jesus Christ my Lord, i pray you forgive my sins and wash my garment from every stains of iniquities and transgression.

4. Oh Lord I come to you tonight for help, take charge over my affairs tonight and set your eyes over me tonight.

5. I command every evil arrows projected to me or my family to back fire this money.

6. Oh Lord make a spiritual predator and not to be a prey in the hands of my enemy.

7. I call upon the Lion of the tribe of Judah to devour every devourers in my life tonight.

8. Let the blood of Jesus flow over my body down to my soul as I sleep tonight and let every hidden sickness be purge out tonight.

9. Oh Lord make me sleep peacefully and wake up in peace and joy.

Thank you oh God for the prayers answered for in Jesus name I pray.

Let somebody say Amen!

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