Man Transforms To A Total Monster, after being Shock by A Transformer, When He Attempted Stealing.


Just as in the Middle Ages, theft and violence were the main crimes that existed in the 16th and 17th centuries. The most common crimes were the theft of small amounts of money, food and property. Violent crimes were a minority of cases.

Increasing literacy and the availability of printed broadsheets spread information about crimes more widely. These often focused on violent or new crimes which led to a misconception amongst many that, crime was increasing in this period.

Read more on what happened to a guy who nearly died at the point of stealing from a Transformer

Reports has it that, this man was trying to steal oil from the transformer during the mid day and unfortunately, got burnt in the attempt of using his phone as a touch light.

To find more about what happened, open the link below to watch video.


See the pictures of the criminal below , in his new appearance after the electrocution.

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