TRAP : A man ended up regretting when he met with a social media seller this is what happened

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Police in Western Cape have secured the successful arrest of five suspects aged between 17 and 24 for being in possession of a stolen laptop, firearm, and phone.

According to the saps news report, on Friday 12 November 2021 a man went to Brown’s Farm to meet up with a seller after he saw an advertisement on social media, he soon found out that it was a trap when five men aged between 17 and 24 robbed him of his firearm, laptop, and Cellphone.

The man informed police about the robbery and they also received a tip-off from a member of a community about the whereabouts of the suspects, the suspects were tracked down and where finally arrested and charged for armed robbery, they will soon appear in court to face the charge.

Police retrieved all the items that were stolen from the victim except for the Cellphone, this situation should serve as a warning for people to be extremely cautious when it comes to meeting with people who sell things on social media.


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