SABC's Cost-Cutting Process Means Immediate Job Losses

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The members of the parliament have given a green light to the process of cost cutting which is also a restructuring of the SABC. The MPs agreed to it as they believe SABC is financially not doing well and there is never a growth. But this retrenchment will obviously affect the SABC employees severely.

Different parties have expressed how they feel about SABCs process of restructuring with the intentions of cutting cost, Phumzille Van Damme who is DA member said that she understands the idea of restructuring but she went on to say that it must done in an appropriate and sensitive manner. Although you may feel pity for someone, there is never a polite manner of telling someone that their services are no longer needed in a company, it naturally hurts and some SABC staff members will be experiencing it soon.

Some of the SABC staff members that were given retrenchement notices caused a very disturbing strike, in a way, they wanted to express themselves on how unfair they felt treated. This is a bad treatment Especially because some of the workers have been with the Broadcasting company for a long time and the sudden retrenchment notice was something that scared them.

Source: Eyewitness News website

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