Funny memes to brighten your weekend


We have compiled some great memes from around the world that will crack you up for the moment.

baby oil is made of Babies! Right or right??? Silly Question!

Send me a picture of you in your bra, Gbam, You got it!

German speakers: Soap is feminine

French speakers: No it's masculine

English speakers: Soap is soap!

Real facebook pages aren't faking this!

This is really cool when they think them cute and you now found a pic of them when them small and ugly!

That imaginary balls you head even before falling for the sleep you don't want to sleep.

This moment can be most times the most confused moment ever lived asking for your help when you're really busy putting things together.

That hunger strikes you hard at night and you're trying not to get anyone awake for the hundredth time.

Then the client wants two unequal things combined and you know it won't go well