Teshie residents live in fear as thieves keeps hunting them at night


The high rise of criminal activities in Ghana keep increasing daily. This according to statistics, is due to the high rate of unemployment in the country and thus, the increasing rate of criminal activities.

Residents in the general area of Teshie now live in fear as thieves keep hunting them at night especially routes around the Nursing Training and Midwifery school. These robbers usually operates at night due to the large number of student nurses living in that particular area.

Recent incidents was recorded just last three days when a woman was robbed of her daily savings whiles plying a route around the Lekma Hospital. Another was also series of robbery that went on yesterday Friday 16 July, 2021.

This was a series of robbery as this thieves moved from house to house, cutting window nets and robbing innocent students their electronic gadgets including phones, laptops and other valuable items.

One affected student by name Yoda, narrated after waking up this morning, she was about checking the time when she realized her phone and laptop were no where to be found. According to her, it was later she got to realised her net has been taken down by this thieves. The most painful part was how her only GHC 200 was also whipped away by this thieves.

Another landlady also reiterated same and ask that the police service intensify patrols within that area. She thus pleaded if a police car can be station around Lekma Hospital to deter these criminals from operating at night.

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