6 Noticeable Things That Shows Why Aaron Ramsdale May Be A Better Goalkeeper Than Bernd Leno.

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22 year-old Aaron Ramsdale, may be taking over Bernd Leno's spot very soon, he is already proving doubters wrong and is yet to concede a goal in all appearances for the club, 3 games, 3 clean sheets (including league cup). Here are 6 noticeable things, showing why Aaron Ramsdale may be a better goalkeeper than Bernd Leno;

1, It took Bernd Leno 16 appearances to register his second clean sheet in the Premier League, whereas, it took Aaron Ramsdale just two games to register two clean sheets in EPL.

2, Ramsdale is proactive, while Leno was reactive, and that makes a massive difference between them.

3, The 23 year old commands his area better than Leno, who is mostly looking confused or jittery.

4, When it comes to ball distribution, Ramsdale is far better than Leno, and he is also more composed than him.

5, One of the first requirements of being a good goalkeeper at a top level, is a mentality of steel and broken glass, Ramsdale has that over Leno.

6, Unlike Bernd Leno, Ramsdale takes control of aerial balls whenever he needs to and eases pressure on the defenders. Also, he is very vocal and communicates well with his defenders.

In addition, Ramsdale seems to give so much energy and passion from being in goal which really goes to the defence. The way he goes and applauds a player for doing something good, and how he joins the play as a 5th defender is great to see.

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