After This Crippled Man Danced During His Child's Dedication, He Got A Help From The Pastor


A video surfaced online a few days ago showing the moment a crippled man danced joyfully to the altar with his wife for their child's dedication. From the video, it could be seen how happy the disabled man and his wife were as they walked through the aisle of the church towards the altar to present their newborn child to God before his alter. When people go for dedication, they express their joy to God, appreciating him for the gift of the child and saying to God with their heart, we bring him back to you for you to bless and keep him under your care. The joy in their heart was evident as they expressed it before the people of God through dancing.

In as much as people were happy with them and rejoiced with them in the church, one thing was a concern in the heart of the people. The fact that the disabled had no wheelchair to aid his movement and seeing the difficulty he has to go through crawling from one place to the other was disturbing to the people. It was something to pity him for but wasn't expressed in the mouth but only in the heart of the people around. But thank God that after the dedication, help located him as someone took it upon himself to provide a wheelchair for him.

According to a report obtained from Warri Aproko Special, a pastor identified as Rukendo Peters after seeing the plight of this young man decided to buy a wheelchair for him. It was reported that the wheelchair was presented to him today, April 15. It could be seen as the disabled man and his wife alongside the pastor and other friends posed for a shot in the church while he was seated in the wheelchair. The saying that when you praise the mighty for what he has done, he will do more came to manifestation In the life of this man. Little did he know that dancing before the Lord and thanking him for the child he gave to him would open up the opportunity for him to get a wheelchair through the pastor. God bless Pastor Rukendo Peters for the act of Charity.

You can click on this video to see the moment of the child's dedication.