How To Do Your Laundry Like A Pro


It may come out as an activity we all are used to but the following are steps to ease laundry.

1. Pick the clothes for washing

It's advisable to have a laundry basket I the house whereby dirty clothes can be placed.It becomes so hectic to move from one room to another looking for dirty clothes.This may also make one forget alot of clothes.

2. Sort the clothes

Check the labels on the clothes so that you learn about how to handle them.Sort out the white and coloured clothes. Sock the white clothes beforehand.You can use the right bleach for soaking your clothes.This will give you an easy time washing as stains will be removed more easily.

3. Mend the clothes

Before washing clothes,check for those that are torn and mend them before washing.

4.Washing clothes

Use a proper detergent to wash your clothes. Choose the right detergent that is good for your hands.You can use a soft brush for clothes such as jeans and collars.

It is advisable to use fabric softeners though it's optional. Fabric softener soften fibers, reduce static cling, and even add a scent to your laundry.DON'T use fabric softeners on sport's wear,flame retardant clothes and towels.

Also use it with the last rinse.Ensure that the fragrance does not cause allergic reactions to the person wearing it.

Make sure you rinse out your clothes with alot of clean water.

5. Hanging your clothes

Wipe the hanging lines before you can hang out your clothes to dry.

Don't wring your clothes so much before hanging as this makes them look unpleasant.Make sure you hang out your clothes In the sun especially if white as the sun acts as a bleaching agent.

For those clothes which may fade,hang in a shade.

6. Iron your clothes

Before ironing,make sure you use a laundry basket to pick your clothes from the hanging lines so that some don't fall and become dirty.

Iron clothes to get rid of creases.Use a spray bottle or an iron with a water reservoir.Allow the iron box to become heated and add pressure to it to iron the clothing you have laid on the iron board to get rid of wrinkles.

Finally fold your clothes and place them in the cupboard. Hang clothes on hangers if need be.

Do not forget to collect all your pegs in one tin to avoid loosing them.