AKA diagnosed with clinical depression.

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Rapper AKA also known as the "SupaMega" revealed that he was diagnosed with depression but he couldn’t handle the medication he was put on. He revealed that he was diagnosed with clinical depression and also showed the meds he was put on, via an Instagram story on Saturday 27 November and. People especially his fans were shocked about this news. AKA shared his struggles with depression and the journey to finding treatment that worked best for him without changing him completely.

Earlier this year The death of Anele “Nellie” Tembe, the fiancée of SA rap star AKA, has sparked a huge conversation about mental health.

While neither the Tembe family or AKA have confirmed or denied that Nellie had been suffering from mental health issues, the speculation has encouraged many people to come forward and share their own stories of depression and suicide.

“Couldn’t handle them. They made me feel like I couldn’t feel anything so I got off them. Plus my whole job is to feel,” he continued.

“To anybody reading this, just hang in there. Trust me,” he added.

Many people are convinced that this depression is linked to the death of his wife known as "Nelli” Tembe when she passed away. Nelli plunged to her death from the tenth floor of the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town on 11 April. .

He lost the love of his life, someone he had taken advanced steps, culturally, to spend the rest of his life with. The love and support of Anele’s family and a grief counsellor have also been some relief to him,” said AKA’s publicist Pumza Nohashe.

Mental health is very crucial especially during this pandemic. The depression of AKA is most likely related to the death of his wife known as Nelli.

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