Check Out The Causes And Treatment Of Vaginal Pimples

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Vaginal pimples are very common and can make you feel uncomfortable but are rarely serious. Its symptoms include itching, pain, or enlargement of the pimple appearance, and below are some common causes of vaginal pimples.


Some vaginal pimples are a result of shaving, waxing, or ingrown hairs. As hair begins to grow in the hair follicle, it coils into the skin or grows inwards, and a bump with a white-yellowish center is generated. Pimples that occur due to ingrown hair are treated with creams containing warm compresses to reduce inflammation and antibiotic creams.

Contract Dermatitis

These vaginal pimples occur due to allergic reactions to things like soap, lotion, sanitary napkins, bubble baths, or laundry detergents. You should avoid using sprays and soaps around your private area.

Vaginal Fungus

If you notice many pimples around your vagina accompanied by burning, reddish skin, producing a white discharge or itching, you are likely to have vaginal fungus. You should make an effort of visiting a gynecologist.

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