Is South Africa going Back to level 5 on December? Here is why

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South Africans are being asked to stay away from large gatherings, especially if alcohol is involved. 


Some Saffas are worried that President Cyril Ramaphosa is preparing to announce another lockdown. 


However, others have vowed to take to the streets in protest if a lockdown is implemented. The way the number of positive people is increasing, it will lead to level 5. 


Why haven't other countries stood up to their governments? You don't have any rights, and the command council itself is unconstitutional, according to Moegeng Moegeng.Why must alcohol be blamed all the time, no man angisathandi?I think we need to remember this when we vote again.


It's from Israel. How coincidental when the reigning Miss South Africa was asked not to go there. So who started this new variant? EFF or ANC? We shouldn't be worried but be ready to completely reject harsher lockdown restrictions should the president declare them. We shouldn't allow these politicians to treat us like kids, "said a Facebook follower.


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