"How Many Euros Did You Get On This Trip?", Duduzile Zuma Questions The President

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The young lady of past President Jacob Zuma, Duduzile Zuma has torn into President Cyril Ramaphosa. Ramaphosa is in Germany and Duduzile has to know the quantity of dollars he that will make on this trip. Obviously the Phalaphala shock will remain with Ramaphosa for a really long time, or undeniably more horrendous, until the cows come home. As of now anything Ramaphosa does, it will be associated with the dollars that were purportedly found held in his residence.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the G7 finish in Germany. The president's get-together revolved around British assistance for South Africa's Energy Just Transition approach. "Our social event focused in on British assistance for South Africa's Energy Just Transition approach, important entryways in Green Hydrogen and Fuel Cells. We further discussed our commitment to the catalyst objective of the Russsia-Ukraine battle and further improvement of particular trade relations", Ramaphosa proclaimed.

We were fulfilled to be free to participate in the ongoing year's G7 Leaders' Summit, at a time where we are confronted with serious overall challenges including COVID-19, ecological change and the dispute among Russia and Ukraine, which controlled our discussions at the social event.

Ramaphosa got some serious response on this trip, especially his social event with Boris. "How might you continue to pay all due respects to Boris about our energy plans? Is Britain showing up at their goals. Do they report to us about their plans. Make an effort not to continue to be an embarrassment there for the good of we. Useless social affair. Get back and answer Mkhwebane's requests", EFF's Fana Mokoena in like manner attacked Ramaphosa. Mokoena says everytime Ramaphosa meets white people, we really want to pressure the sum he will sell us out.

Some even sent Boris be extra cautious, "Cyril could take British pounds and disguise them under dozing cushion in his PhalaPhalaFarm, this individual banks under the sheet material". We shouldn't neglect to recollect that Ramaphosa is at this point our head of state he really justifies respect from the country!


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