If You're Listening to Wizkid, Devil is Currently in Control of Your Life -Nigerian Man

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A man has taken to his social media to make a shocking claim about the Grammy-award winner and Nigerian singer Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, known as Wizkid or Starboy.

A man identified as Jossy thegod revealed that his pastor told them in church on Sunday that he had a vision and saw that wizkid is one of the top demons in hell.

Quoted from his Facebook page, he alleged that the Nigerian most decorated and one of the most revolutionary afro-pop musician  Wizkid, has sold his soul to the devil and anyone who listens to Wizkid's songs is currently under the control of the devil.

He shared a perception into the meaning of the Fan Base name "Wizkid FC"; where he claimed that FC is an abbreviation of two ancient Latin words "Fæxeh Chæïn" which means Devil followers.

He said that his nickname(Wizkid) "MACHALA" is a Greek word for "DEMON" and warns those who listen to wizkid's songs to stay away from them because he's a top demon in hell.

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