Possible Reasons For Low Turnout In Juja By-elections That Might See Many Voters Locked Out Of The Exercise


A low voter turnout has been witnessed at the 184 polling stations in the Juja by-election. According to IEBC Juja constituency has 114761 registered voters whereby in the 2017 general elections, 91801 citizens cast their votes which was an 80% voter turnout.

According to media reports by KBC and Inooro Tv, the following might be the reasons for the low turnout.

1. Kenyans are known not to take by-elections with the same seriousness as general elections. .

2. Today being a Tuesday, most Juja citizens might have reported to work with plans of voting after work. The IEBC will however not consider this factor as they are expected to close the voting exercise at 5 Pm the same time that most people leave their work places. This might see a sizeable number of voters locked out of the exercise.

Today's by election will see a total of eleven candidates square it out for the covered seat that was left vacant after the death of Francis Waititu alias Wakapee.

Wakapee succumbed to brain cancer on February 22, 2021 at the Mp Shah hospital.

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