Are you worried about waist, joint, arthritis, rheumatism and other related pains?

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Remedy for general body pains

There are many possible reasons for waist pains. It might result in an injury or a longer-lasting problem such as arthritis.

Your symptoms might give you an indication of what could be causing the pain. Therefore, below explains vividly the natural herbs that can be used to treat many ailments relating to waist pains or general body pains.

Stubborn grass (Sida Acuta)

Stubborn grass is available everywhere around us, especially in bushy or less bushy areas. We do not know that it is a great herbal remedy.

It is a natural cure for:

Lower Abdominal Pains



Joint Pains

Waist Pains

General Body Pain


Stubborn Grass (Sida Acuta) 2 handfuls

2 bulbs of white onion


Cook the two items together for 15mins, allow to cool, sieve and it is ready to drink.

A shot morning and night and those stubborn pains will vanish like magic!

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